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Uncle Sam's Cousin Al Says - Visit the Reopened Statue of Liberty
CNN i-report, July 4, 2009

Years ago, Allan Richards (Uncle Sam's Cousin Al) wrote and recorded an online musical greeting card honoring 'Lady Liberty'.
The dot-com business folded, but the melody lingers on. You can hear it on Richards' website, www.ShowsToYou.com.
Click on 'Liberty-Jingle' on the HOME page to hear an MP3 excerpt.
Happy Birthday America & Welcome Back Lady Liberty!

Uncle Sam

BBC World

June 13, 2009
One of today's BBC World radio programs was broadcast live from Portland, OR,
where I happened to be gigging. Theme of the show was 'fate'. Lots of fun, cross-conversation from enthusiastic
crowd in downtown Portland, as well as from listeners around the planet.The show started off with Allan Richards talking
about an instance thattook place yesterday afternoon, when I arrived at the hotel. I was carrying sheet music to a favorite jazz tune
-- 'Where Do You Start?' (Johnny Mandel, Alan& Marilyn Bergman). I opened the door to my room and guess what tune was playing
on the radio? Right. 'Where Do You Start?' Happy Coincidence? Fate?

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